Professional Division FAQs

Professional Division Frequently Asked Questions
Certificate Program, Independent Study Program, Scholarship Program, Summer Intensive Program

How do I apply to the Professional Division Programs?
Students who wish to enroll in the Certificate Program, Independent Study Program, Summer Intensive or Scholarship Program must attend an audition at The Ailey School or at one of our national audition sites as listed on our annual audition itinerary.  Independent Study Program and Summer Intensive applicants have the option of applying by application, DVD, and dance photographs in lieu of an in-person audition.

If I want to be considered for acceptance to the Independent Study Program or the Summer Intensive Program do I have to submit the required application materials AND attend an audition?
No, it is not necessary to do both. You may choose to either attend an audition OR mail in the required application materials.

Can I apply to the Certificate Program and the Scholarship Program by submitting a DVD, photographs and application if I do not live near an audition site?
No.  An in-person audition is required of all students who wish to be considered for acceptance to the Certificate Program or Scholarship Program.

Is there a fee to audition?
There is a $20 audition fee for all Certificate Program, Independent Study Program, and Summer Program auditions.  You can sign up for the audition and pay the fee by following the links on the Admissions page of the web site.  There is no fee to take the Scholarship Program audition, which takes place in New York, at The Ailey School twice annually.

How do I sign up for an audition?
You may sign up by locating your audition city on the audition calendar and paying the audition fee online.

Is there a fee to apply by application?
There is a $20 fee for all Independent Study Program and Summer Intensive Program applications. You may pay the fee by credit card, money order, or certified check when you send in your DVD, photographs, and application form, or pay the fee online.   

Can I arrange for a private audition, or audition in an Ailey School class, if I do not live near an audition site?
No, we do not schedule private or in-class auditions.

How long must I wait to re-audition for a program if I have not been accepted the first time?
Students may attend one live audition per year or submit one DVD application per year.  If you are not accepted at your first audition, you must wait until the following year to try again.

When will I be notified of my audition/application status?
Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail within three weeks of an audition or receipt of a DVD application.

May I receive a critical evaluation of my audition?
No. The Ailey School does not provide performance critiques or discuss the artistic panel’s decision after an audition.

If I have never had Horton technique or Graham-based modern, can I take both techniques at the same time?
Students may take both Horton and Graham-based modern even if they have no prior training in those techniques. However, in some cases Faculty Advisors may feel it is more beneficial for a student to concentrate on one technique only. This is decided on a case by case basis between Faculty Advisor and student.

How are students placed in the appropriate technique levels?
Each student at The Ailey School is placed in levels according to their individual proficiency in ballet, Horton, and Graham-based modern. Levels are determined at the audition or by the department chairpersons during placement classes at the beginning of the students first term of study. Students are advised that levels at The Ailey School may not correspond to the levels at their prior schools. The Ailey School has 7 levels of ballet, 4 levels of Horton, and 4 levels of Graham-based modern. Pointe, Partnering, and Men’s Ballet are offered to students in ballet IV or higher. Students are placed jazz levels according to their ballet levels.
Does the School provide assistance in finding housing for students coming from out of the state to study during the academic year?
Yes.  The Ailey School has limited housing during the academic year at The Ludlow Residence dormitory in lower Manhattan. Housing at The Ludlow Residence is partially subsidized and granted to students based on their financial need and artistic merit.  

Does the School provide assistance in finding housing for students coming from out of the state to study In the Summer Intensive Program?
 Yes.  The Ailey School offers housing at the nearby Fordham University dormitory for students 15 years and older, and at the Ludlow Residence for students who are 20 year of age and older. Students must be enrolled in the Summer Intensive Program to be eligible for summer housing.

How can I audition for Ailey II?
Admission to Ailey II is by invitation only.  Students from the school's full-time training programs are invited to audition for Ailey II by The Ailey School Co-Directors and the Ailey II Artistic Director.

Can I perform outside of the school if I am offered a company or professional job?
Only advanced students who are on Threshold or in their last year of study and are preparing to enter the dance field may request permission from The Ailey School Co-Directors to perform outside of the School.

Are scholarships available?
Yes.  A limited number of merit-based scholarships are available to students who meet the artistic criteria for acceptance to the Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis during the academic year and summer term by audition only. Merit-based scholarships are not available to students in the Independent Study Program or Certificate Program, although those students may apply for need-based Federal Financial Aid.  

If I am an international student and I wish to apply for Post-Completion Practical training, how long must I attend The Ailey School?
International students must successfully complete the program in which they are enrolled in order to be eligible for Post -Completion Practical Training: three years in the Certificate Program; one year in the Independent Study Program; and one year in the Scholarship Program.  

Am I allowed to take additional classes in The Ailey Extension while pursuing my full-time studies?
Yes.  Professional Division students who are enrolled in any of the full time programs may attend Ailey Extension classes for 1/2 price on weekends only.  Students may not attend Ailey Extension classes Monday through Friday.

Am I allowed to take addition Professional Division classes as an open enrollment student while pursuing my full time studies?
No. Students are not allowed to take any Professional Division classes other than the classes that have been assigned to them by their Faculty Advisor.