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The Faculty & Staff of The Ailey School

Administrative Staff
Professional Division
Junior Division
Department Chairpersons
Faculty Advisors
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Main line:  212-405-9000

Administrative Staff

Co-Director, The Ailey School
Tracy Inman
Email or call x9515

Co-Director, The Ailey School
Melanie Person
Email or call x9516

Business Manager
James Paulson
Email or call x9511

School Administrator
TaraMarie Perri
Email or call x9514
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am - 4:00pm

Assistant to Tracy Inman, Ailey School Co-Director
Everett Johnson
Email or call x9133

Assistant to Melanie Person, Ailey School Co-Director / BFA Program Administrator
Tracy Miller
Email or call x9124

Jennifer Yoh-Quinones
Email or call x9519
Office Hours (Academic Year): Tue-Sat, 10:00am - 1:30pm and 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Office Hours (Summer): Mon-Fri, 10:00am - 1:30pm and 2:30pm - 5:30pm

Ailey School Production Associate
Sarah L. Alexander
Email or call x9140

Costume Coordinator / Wardrobe Supervisor
Mondo Morales
Email or call x9039

Senior Studio Manager
Julian Rozzell
Email or call x9125

Physical Therapists
Shaw Bronner, PT, PhD, OCS    
Sheyi Ojofeitimi, MPT

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Professional Division

Director, Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. Program
Melanie Person
Email or call x9516

Director of Admissions / International Student Advisor
JoAnne Ruggeri
Email or call x9513

Financial Aid Director
Sally Lelong
Email or call x9135
Office Hours:  Tue-Thu, 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Jessica Maiuzzo
Email or call x9518

Assistant to the Director of Admissions
Cristina Simon-Sabater
Email or call x9136

Financial Aid Assistant    
Jessica Lynch
Email  or call x9134

Junior Division

Director, Junior Division
Tiffany Barnes
Email or call x9141

Junior Division Director of Admissions
Dawn-Marie Tricarico
Email or call x9143

Junior Division / PPAS Program Associate
Carlos Taylor
Email or call X9132

Junior Division Program Associate
Sureme Laster Bey
Email or call x9142

Department Chairpersons

Melanie Person, Ballet Department, Chair
Lynn Glauber-Mandel, Ballet Department, Co-Chair
Ana Marie Forsythe, Horton Department, Chair
Jacqulyn Buglisi, Graham-based Modern Department, Chair
Hollie Wright, Jazz Department, Chair
Joan Peters, Dunham Department, Chair

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Faculty Advisors

Students wishing to schedule an appointment with their advisor must sign up at the 2nd floor reception desk.

Tracy Inman, Co-Director, The Ailey School
Email or call x9515
Advisement Group: Scholarship Program

Melanie Person, Co-Director, The Ailey School / Director, Ailey/Fordham B.F.A.
Email or call x9516
Advisement Group:  B.F.A. Program, Freshman

Carolyn Adams
Email or call x9130
Advisement Group: B.F.A. Program Juniors

Ana Marie Forsythe
Email or call x9512
Advisement Group:  B.F.A. Program Seniors
Ellen Graff
Email or call x9131
Advisement Group: B.F.A. Program Sophomores

Freddie Moore
Email or call x9145
Advisement Group: Certificate Program

Kevin Predmore
Email or call x9129
Advisement Group: International Independent Study Program

Guillermo Asca
Email or call x9126
Advisement Group: 
U.S. Independent Study Program

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The Ailey School has a faculty of working dance professionals from around the globe, members, former members, and artistic directors of renowned dance companies.  In addition to teaching at The Ailey School, faculty members teach at American colleges, universities, and conservatories such as Marymount Manhattan College, SUNY Purchase, The School of the Boston Ballet, the Julliard School and Long Island University, as well as at esteemed institutions abroad. 


Tom Guthrie


Janet Atallah
Lisa Attles
Robert W. Atwood
Michela Boschetto
Peter Brandenhoff
Jenny Chiang
Elena Comendador
Jessica Danser
Carolyn Eaton
Sophia Fatouros
Lynn Glauber-Mandel
Elizabeth Goheen
Theresa Ruth Howard
Graciela Kozak
Anna Lederfeind
Celia I. Marino
Bianca Masterson
Kristen McGrew
Brenda Neville
Mercedes Pablos
Melanie Person
Cassandra Phifer
Pedro Ruiz
Flavio Salazar
Nancy Turano

Barre a Terre

Marguerite Wesley


Vladimir Dvorovenko


JoAnna Mendl Shaw
Amber Sloan

Dance History

Dr. Uttara Asha Coorlawala

First Steps/Bounding Boys

Kristin Dexnis-Rosengrant
Kelly Hayes
Nicole Kadar
Mindy Lai
Bianca Masterson
Chelsea McLaughlin
Dawn-Marie Tricarico

Fundamentals of Musical Theater

Charles Vincent Burwell

Graham-based Modern

Marianne Bachmann
Jacqulyn Buglisi
Christine Dakin
Penny Frank
Martin Lofsnes
Ari Mayzick
Kevin L. Predmore
Dudley Williams


Elizabeth Brandt

Hip Hop

Keith Alexander
Jonathan Lee


Karen L. Arceneaux
Guillermo Asca
Tiffany Barnes
Fernando Carrillo
Lakey Evans-Peña
Ana Marie Forsythe
Marimba Gold-Watts
Adrienne Hurd
Tracy F. Inman
Amy Lattimore
Freddie Moore
Fredrick Earl Mosley
Milton Myers
Elizabeth Roxas
Astrid von Ussar


Francesca M. Harper
JoAnna Mendl Shaw


Jeffrey Bynum
Beatrice Capote
Hollie Wright


Becky Brown

Modern Partnering

Kevin Wynn

Theater Dance

Judine Sommerville


Freddie Moore
Christian von Howard

Spanish Dance

Judith Shapiro


Victor J. DiMonda
Kimberly LaRue
Courtney Tilford

Taylor-based Modern

Carolyn Adams

West African

Maguette Camara
Imani Faye
Yahaya Kamate
Andrea Markus
Dina Wright-Joseph


Leslie Journet

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Bernard Schaller


William F. Catanzaro
Mandy Chiu
Patrick Daugherty
Tom Farrell
David Finkelstein
Barbara Gayny
Nell Gourevitch
Barry Harwood
Andrew Ivan
Mijin Jung
Eugene Kaplan
Michael B. Kingon
Rich Klessig
Michael Kooman
Jim Kost
Robert A. Marbach
Mitch Marcus
Michael McFrederick
Andy H. Monroe (also Vocalist)
Scott Morehouse
Ronald J. Musicus
Patsy Oucher
Jonathan S. Rich
Lauren Shapiro
Leo Shih
Ireen Simon
Elena Tishina


Paula Jeanine Bennett (also vocalist)
Charles Vincent Burwell
William Catanzaro
Carlos Francis
Johnson Gohi
Matt Katsaounis
Adewole Love
Ron McBee
Scott Morehouse
Ronnie Roc
Victor See Yuen
Kevin Sport
Mangue Sylla
Michael Mustafa Ulmer

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