Ailey/Fordham BFA Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the program?
The Ailey/Fordham BFA Program requires the standard college application for Fordham University and the BFA Dance Application for The Ailey School. Please ensure you include all supplementary materials required for each application as listed. Fordham University requires an application fee; The Ailey School does not. If you are invited to audition, there is a small audition fee required at that time.

When are the applications due?
Both the Dance Application and the Fordham Application are due on November 1. 

Why are there two separate applications?
Fordham University and The Ailey School are two separate institutions and therefore have different application requirements. The decision for acceptance into the B.F.A. program requires that a student be accepted to both institutions. The separate applications allow a student to attend a different program in one school if they are not accepted by the other without having to reapply.

How do I apply for financial aid?
Fordham University requires both the FAFSA (Federal Application for Financial Student Aid) and the CSS Profile. Both applications can be completed online: FAFSA -  If you have more questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at Fordham University or phone at 212-636-6700.

Can I transfer in the spring semester?
No. Because the program syllabus is based on a full year, transfer admission is granted for the fall term only.

As an applicant, is it required that I have experience in Horton and Graham-based modern to apply?
No. The Ailey School will hold placement classes for all new students, after which those with little to no experience with either modern technique will be placed in level one for both.

If I am invited to audition, should I travel to New York?
The same artistic panel adjudicates each audition and the same audition material is given in each city which allows for a fair audition process for all students. If you are interested in viewing the facilities of The Ailey School and Fordham University, this can be done once you are accepted and are making your decision about which university to attend. Fordham University holds an open house for accepted students in April and current B.F.A. students will be on hand for a small performance and discussion. Please make arrangements to visit in advance.

What is the maximum length for the solo?  Who should choreograph my solo?
The maximum length is three (3) minutes, but it should not be less than two (2) minutes.  Your solo should be professionally choreographed by a teacher or choreographer. 

When will I be informed of the admission decision?
You will be informed by Fordham University, not The Ailey School, in mid-March of 2014.

What is the maximum number of students accepted?
The number of students accepted in a given year is determined by the total program enrollment. The typical class size does not exceed 35 students.

Do you choose students in order to fulfill a male to female ratio?
The Ailey School will choose students who are exceptional dancers just as Fordham University will choose students who excel academically, with no emphasis placed on the applicant’s gender.

What is the schedule like for BFA students?
After taking placement classes, all students receive a customized dance schedule that reflects their previous training. A student’s schedule might consist of a dance class at Ailey in the morning, an academic class at Fordham, a lunch break, and then one or two more dance classes. There are no dance classes or rehearsals on Saturday or Sunday.

Will BFA students take classes at Fordham’s Rose Hill campus?
All BFA students will take classes only at Lincoln Center campus.

Where will BFA students live?
All BFA. students will live at the Lincoln Center campus if they have chosen to live in the dorm. If a student accepts housing as a freshman, they are guaranteed housing throughout their four years as long as they remain in the dorm. Students may live off campus if they wish but it is very difficult to move back into the dorm once they have moved out.

What courses are taken at The Ailey School? What courses are taken at Fordham University?
All dance technique courses are taken at The Ailey School, along with a few dance academic courses such as Anatomy & Kinesiology and Performance and Art. All academic courses are taken at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus, along with a few dance academic courses such as Music for Dancers and Dance History.

Are there opportunities for students to perform?
The freshmen and sophomores participate in workshops which result in performances in the fall and spring. The juniors take a Repertory Workshop that culminates in studio showings and performances. In the senior year, students will participate in Ailey/Fordham Student Dancers (AFSD) and perform numerous times in the tri-state area. Various student-run concerts and private engagements offer students more opportunities to perform as well.