Professional Division Tuition & Fees

2016-2017 Professional Division Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are subject to change.  Refunds are issued according to the School’s published refund policy.
Tuition for the current school term is listed below by individual program.  Fees are listed separately.

Payment Instructions


Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. Program

BFA students are subject to Fordham University undergraduate tuition and fees. No additional tuition is paid to The Ailey School.  Please visit the Fordham University website for current tuition costs.


 Certificate Program

Cost of Attendance
2016/2017 Academic Year




Independent Study Program

Cost of Attendance
2016/2017 Academic Year





Summer Intensive 2016

Full cost of program (not including housing) due in full by 5:00pm on May 13, 2016*   

*There is a $75 Late Fee for payments received after May 13, 2016.
+Tuition will be discounted by $75 if received IN FULL by the Bursar (not post-marked by) on April 22, 2016 by 4:00pm.


Scholarship Program

Scholarship awards cover tuition only.  Registration and participation fees and housing costs are the sole responsibility of the award recipient.  Scholarship support may be extended up to five years for those who enroll while still in high school.

Level 1 Scholarship: Participation Fees

Summer 2016$305

(includes $50 Registration Fee + $55 Physical Therapy Fee)

Fall Semester$360
Spring Semester$360
Plus 4.5 hours work assignment/week 


Level 2 Scholarship: Participation Fees

Summer 2016$430

(includes $50 Registration Fee + $55 Physical Therapy Fee)

Fall Semester$510
Spring Semester$510
Plus 7.5 hours work assignment/week 


Level 3 Partial Scholarship: Participation Fees

Summer 2016$1,430 (includes $50 Registration Fee + $55 Physical Therapy Fee)
Fall Semester$2,575
Spring Semester$2,575



 Other Fees

Audition Fee$20
Audition Fee (B.F.A. applicants only)$35
International Student Fee (new students only)$50
Annual Registration Fee$50
Physical Therapy fee (fall/spring)$90
Physical Therapy fee (summer)$55



Summer Housing

Due in full by May 13, 2016
       at Fordham University McMahon Hall = $3020
       at Ludlow Residence = $2800



Withdrawals, Refunds and Return of Financial Aid 


All fees and required tuition deposits are non-refundable and will be deducted from the total tuition refund. Refunds will be pro-rated according to the School's published refund policy.


To obtain an official withdrawal, students must submit a Withdrawal Form to their Faculty Advisor, who will then submit it to The Ailey School Directors. The tuition charge will be assessed according to the student's last date of attendance and the School's published refund policy.

Return of Title IV Aid and Early Withdrawal

If you receive Federal Financial Aid you may owe a cash payment to The Ailey School or the Federal Government by withdrawing from school. In short, you have not “earned” the aid you have received until you complete 60% of term in which you receive aid.

The amount of aid that you can keep (i.e., earned) is calculated as follows:
Aid You Can Keep = (No. of Days Completed ÷ No. of Days in the Term Including Weekends) x Aid Received

Federal financial aid is available for qualifying Certificate and Independent Study Program students.
Contact Admissions with any additional questions.