Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

The Ailey School's prestigious Scholarship Program offers financially supported full-time training for students ages 17-21 who show the highest potential for a professional dance career. Students attend 12 to 15 technique classes per week which includes a daily ballet class and Horton and/or Graham-based modern 5-6 times per week. Supplemental classes include jazz, tap, Dunham, West African, barre à terre, yoga, Gyrokinesis®, and body conditioning. Students are also provided skill-building administrative work opportunities in the offices of The Ailey School and Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation.

Admission Procedure

Scholarships are awarded by audition at The Ailey School in the fall term (for the academic year), the spring term, (for one semester), and the summer (for the Summer Intensive). The majority of scholarships go to full-time intermediate and advanced level students, ages17-21. The Junior Division Scholarship Program  is for advanced-beginner and intermediate level high school students who attend part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer. Scholarship awards cover the cost of tuition alone. Registration fees, participation fees and housing costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

Students must re-audition annually if they wish to continue their enrollment in the Scholarship Program.
Audition Information

Threshold Component

The Threshold level is a special component of the Scholarship Program for advanced students offering them the opportunity and time to perform with professional dance companies and participate in workshops with outside choreographers and master teachers. Threshold students who have attained advanced technique levels (Ballet VI, Graham-based Modern IV, Horton IV, and Jazz III) work under the guidance and supervision of a dedicated Faculty Advisor who will mentor them throughout their final semester.

Tuition & Fees

Scholarship awards cover tuition only.  Registration and participation fees and housing costs are the sole responsibility of the award recipient.  Scholarship support may be extended up to five years for those who enroll while still in high school.


Level 1 Scholarship:

2012 Summer Term$200
2012 Fall Semester$360
2013 Spring Semester$360
Plus 4.5 hours work assignment/week 


Level 2 Scholarship: 

2012 Summer Term$325
2012 Fall Semester$510
2013 Spring Semester$510
Plus 7.5 hours work assignment/week 


Level 3 Partial Scholarship:

2012 Summer Term$1,300
2012 Fall Semester$2,360
2013 Spring Semester$2,360



Audition Fee (if auditioning in person)$20
Application Fee (if applying by mail)$20
Audition Fee (B.F.A. applicants only)$35
International Student Fee (new students only)$50
Annual Registration Fee$50
Physical Therapy fee (fall/spring)$80
Physical Therapy fee (summer)$45



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