Junior Division Tuition & Fees

Junior Division Tuition & Fees

Pre-Professional Tuition

Payment Instructions

Pre-professional tuition varies from $970/year to $3,840/year depending on level and number of classes per week.  Convenient payment options are available. Please review Tuition and Fees  for a breakdown of costs, payment deadlines, and corporate discounts.  Tuitions and fees are subject to change.  Newly accepted students must pay tuition immediately upon acceptance in order to secure their place in the program.

All initial tuition payments must be accompanied by a completed Ailey School enrollment form and a signed Refund Policy.


Summer Intensive 2014 Tuition

Payment Instructions

Summer Intensive enrollment is limited and requires a $300 advance deposit within two weeks acceptance.
Advance deposits (and all fees) are non-refundable and will be deducted from the total cost of the program.

  • Tuition is due in full by May 9, 2014. Space is not guaranteed if payment is received after May 9.
  • ŸA Late Fee will be charged to payments received after this date.
  • Ÿ$100.00 discount if payment is received in full by 4:00pm, April 25, 2014.
Level A - Full cost of the Summer Intensive Program

Includes $2185.00 tuition + $50.00 registration fee


Levels B – E - Full cost of the Summer Intensive Program
Includes $2330.00 tuition + $50.00 registration fee + $50.00 Physical Therapy Fee++.

++Optional for Level A; Mandatory for Levels B, C, D, E

Housing Fees

Housing for students 15 years old

Due in full May 16, 2014



First Steps and Bounding Boys

Explore Tuition and Fees for full details and discount opportunities.
Annual tuition is $1000.


Junior Division Scholarship Fees

Participation Fees - Level 1 Scholarship$210/semester + 2 - 4.5 work assignments/week
Participation Fees - Level 2 Scholarship$325/semester + 3 - 7.5  work assignments/week
Annual Registration Fee$50
Physical Therapy$85/semester